April 28, 2009

dscn05413An inch too long for competition, but sharp as hell!

2 Responses to “Chopper”

  1. bobbywett said

    This Chopper sports an 11″ blade of 5160 spring steel. That’s 1″ too long to take to any cutting competition, but that doesn’t mean she won’t cut the hell out of some kindlen! Tiger Maple handle with brass pins and thong. She’s finished with Minwax Ebony Stain & Tung Oil.

  2. bobbywett said

    Took this puppy up to my buddy’s house last week. He just chopped down 2 big-old-oaks on his property, clearing the way for an eventual in ground pool. He had a pile of branches about 3ft high by 6 feet wide, that needed hacked into smaller pieces, for the chipper. This knife went through that pile like nothing. It still had a keen edge after about 1 1/2 hours of continuous hacking and whacking. When it was over I cut two sections of free hanging 1″ manila rope with ease. Super Sharp & Tough.

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