2010 Archery Contest Knife

August 22, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Below you will find pictures of the 2010 Archery Contest Knife…A.K.A. “The Camp Beast”. I call her the camp beast cause she’s a big old Bowie, Fighter styled camp blade that can handle most any choir around. Specs are as follows:

10″ blade of 5160 triple tempered

walnut handle with cold blue fittings and checkered spacer

O.A.L. is 15 1/2″

Thanks for looking,


New Old Dagger

August 21, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Here is a few photos of a re-furbished dagger hope you like?

Below: What She looked like before

Cracked handle with lots of old brass

Fake through pins

Wood and Brass spacers

Re-profiled blade, slowly ground to keep the temper

All the new pieces

Forged and filed eagle claw guard, with African Blackwood and Black Poisonwood.

Hand Turned pommel nut and carved butt

All done with matching sheath!