2010 Archery Contest Knife

August 22, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Below you will find pictures of the 2010 Archery Contest Knife…A.K.A. “The Camp Beast”. I call her the camp beast cause she’s a big old Bowie, Fighter styled camp blade that can handle most any choir around. Specs are as follows:

10″ blade of 5160 triple tempered

walnut handle with cold blue fittings and checkered spacer

O.A.L. is 15 1/2″

Thanks for looking,


One Response to “2010 Archery Contest Knife”

  1. Emanuel said

    Hello Sir,

    I am starting a small business that promotes adventure travel in ( for starters) Michigan and Canada. I want to have some custom knives made, but I have no clue how to really describe what I want–but I do have some photos.

    I just checked out your site, and I was wondering if you would you be interested in putting all of my ideas together using a computer program or a pencil and a sheet of paper? I will of course pay you for taking on this project. If not, can you reccomend anyone who may be interested?

    Thank you, and I hope the new year has been kind, so far,


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