Hi Folks,

Welcome to my Blog. My name is Bobby Wetten and I forge sporting knives, been doing it part time since about 2007. Currently I am an ABS (American Bladesmith Society) member with the rank of JS Journeyman Bladesmith. In the spring of 2009, I attended the ABS Introduction to Bladesmithing Class, held at Haywood Community College in Waynesville, NC. This was a 2 week long, intensive course taught by ABS Master Smith’s Dickie Robinson & Kevin Cashen.During this class, I learned the finer points of forging, heat treating, grinding, and finishing knives.

My goal is simple, forge the best blade I can, with a combination of both form & function in mind(working knives that are nice to look at).

I currently introducing a new line of stock removal blades. You can watch the first 12 being produced through a series of pictures on my main blog page.

Stay tuned!

One Response to “About”

  1. Seth said

    Mr. Wetten,

    I found your site through bladeforums, and I really like that new prototype you and your apprentice made. Would you be willing to sell the prototype? Thanks.

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