2010 Archery Contest Knife

August 22, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Below you will find pictures of the 2010 Archery Contest Knife…A.K.A. “The Camp Beast”. I call her the camp beast cause she’s a big old Bowie, Fighter styled camp blade that can handle most any choir around. Specs are as follows:

10″ blade of 5160 triple tempered

walnut handle with cold blue fittings and checkered spacer

O.A.L. is 15 1/2″

Thanks for looking,


Long Clip Hunter

February 13, 2010

Hi Folks,

Just finished this knife for a customer….with an extra long clip on cold blued blade of 1095 edge quenched steel. The blade itself measures 4 5/8″ with an O.A.L. of 10″. The customer supplied the wood…African Rosewood aka Bubinga…it’s beautifully grained with streaks of brown, black, and orange. Nickel silver fittings include a guard, butt cap, pommel nut, an a single 1/16″ lightly domed pin. There is a cold blued mild steel spacer behind the guard to balance out the blade.

Thanks for Looking,


This piece is sold!